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Would You Like To Learn The Secret Formula For Getting Expert, Big-Time Guests On Your Show?

(Even if you haven't done a lot of interviews before?)

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Let Me Tell You The Secrets Of How I

(As A Virtual No-Name In The Podcasting World At The Time)

  • Got Les Brown On My 8th Podcast (I had less than 10 subscribers) And To Take My Referrals For Other Podcasts 

  • ​Have Interviewed Major Authors Like Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup For The Soul)

  • ​And Have Interviewed Movie Stars, Athletes, and More!

And I Have NEVER Paid For A Guest!

My Story Can Be Your Story...

If you would like me to teach you the secrets that will unlock your podcast guest list check out the video and get access to my training today.

Learn The Secret Formula For Landing

Expert Guests On Your Podcast!

(Regardless Of Your Current Experience)

What You Are Going To Learn

It's not enough to JUST be a good interviewer, you also need to learn how to become a HOST that people say YES to because they know, like, and trust you. In this course you will learn how to BECOME that person.

Learn the EXACT STEPS I have used to over come fear and get major names on my Podcast. And these steps don't just work for me. I have shown other people how to use them to book their childhood heroes and dream guests.

This course is not just about KNOWING how to do something but joining a group of people who are going to DO IT with you.  You will be given access to our community (Podcasting Heroes) that will help you book your 

first big name!

I am also giving you EXCLUSIVE access to mini-interviews I have done with BIG NAME Guests where I ask them the questions you wish you could. Like..."What makes you say yes to 

an interview"

Are you tired of hearing "No" or "Not Yet" every time you invite a big guests on to your podcast?  

Are you tired of not wanting to ask guests to be on your podcast because you don't have a lot of viewers?

My name is Laban Ditchburn and I was there too...

Until I discovered the little know secret that helped me book big guests (and it was way easier than I thought it would be!) 

And the results have been better than I ever would have dreamed!

I have become personal friends with my podcast guest (like invited over for dinner at their houses), I have received millions of dollars of coaching and masterminds (for free), it has put my podcast in front of huge audiences, and it has allowed me to build an income...

And my secret formula, I KNOW can do the same for you.

Now is the time to start saying NO to your backup guests, so you can say YES to the Guests of YOUR DREAM!

My wife Anna, Myself and 

Les Brown at his home.

You're Invited...

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